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For Teachers

Teacher Materials:

Lesson Overviews

Each lesson in the teacher’s edition comes with a lesson overview page for instructors with boxes in the margins that provide quick reference to lesson goals. The overview describes in detail the skills taught in the lesson as well as additional information that may be necessary to complete the lesson. Lesson related links for further study are also supplied with each overview page.

Presentation Notes

Each student lesson comes with a PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of the lesson including concepts, the skills covered, and the study area involved. The teacher’s manual is supplemented with detailed descriptions and commentary for each slide allowing a diverse range of instructors to lead classroom lecture.


Lessons will conclude with a full page color layout of a successfully completed exercise. If questions are presented within a lesson, the teacher’s manual includes answers to those questions.

Why Geospatial Technology and Digital Quest Are Right for You!

Geospatial Technology is impacting you and your students daily. In the last decade you could count on one instance of geospatial technology daily - the one map that influenced your day, your week, your vacation. Today...GPS, satellite imagery, political maps, news, TV, social networking, smartphones, tracking pets, tracking crime, bus routing...geospatial technology is all around us. Your students will be invloved in creating geospatial solutions. And we want your students to be ready and ahead of the curve!

Customizable Turnkey Solution

Digital Quest curriculum gives you a fully functioning geospatial classroom from day one making sure your program runs smoothly. Curriculum comes with lesson overviews (easily adapatable into your state/district's lesson plan requirements), PowerPoint presentations with narrative style notes, and fully assessed lessons. All physical materials and software are delivered giving you one source for the fully functioning classroom. See teacher documentation samples to the right.


We want your experience to be a confident and comfortable one. As instructors, you have access to over 200 hours of training opportunities...recognized to make sure you get the CEUs needed to ensure development Convenient training onsite or at a training lab at the Center of Geospatial Excellence at NASAs John C. Stennis SpaceCenter.


Full support is standard with all of our curriculum to make sure you have the answers to your questions when you need them!

Standard Features in Student Texts

  • Step-by-Step Instructions – an easy to follow format relevant for novice to experienced ArcGIS users
  • Finished Layouts –a self-assessment tool to ensure successful lesson completion.
  • Scenarios – a process in each lesson used by professionals letting users simulate an actual industry application.
  • Internet Studies – experience searching and using the internet to inform students about geospatial careers and sources.
  • Lesson Content – provides a narrative overview of an important topic relevant to the fundamental concepts of geospatial technology
  • Lesson Exercise – applies lesson content to an exercise that features “real world” tasks at work
  • Lesson Review – reinforces knowledge gained with exercises to identify key terms and concepts
  • Additional tip boxes – boxes found in the margin that features tools, tips and tricks that may enhance your experience with geospatial technologies